Monday, September 23, 2013

Stuff and things

I'm back on the social media/internet presence train, hooray.

Just a update for the sake of getting back on here.


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  1. Full on critique time!

    Alright... so:

    #1 --
    I actually think this one is turning out pretty solid. I would suggest to just keep on truckin with it and finish it out as this one could be REALLY nice! I don't really have a ton of qualms with this one.

    #2 --
    This one might not be far enough along to really critique properly. How long did you spend on it? How far did you want to go with it? For what is there though: The colors (unless these are just base colors to work off of) are a bit off. The angle of the road that is running down the middle of the mountains is also quite a bit off. Proportions on some things are also a bit off. I think I talked to you a bit about measure twice so that you only have to paint once kind of thing... I would just suggest to really pay attention to what your laying down and spend some time with this stuff.

    #3 - 5 & 7 --
    I think I actually told you my thoughts already on these. But to quickly sum up. This is an interesting take on blocking out your shapes. I'm going to try it, keep doing it. And I talked a bit about your paint studies.

    #6 --
    Quite a few things off proportionally. If you don't do it already, this would be a prime example of flipping canvas being of benefit. As well as measuring not only horizontal, but vertical axis' as well. The colors as a whole seem like they're getting pretty close.
    I can't really say too much more because of the looseness of the study. Ultimately I would just say give this one more love as it could easily be the best of the bunch!

    Anyway... just thought I'd throw out my opinion on these and I hope you start to update more often. Try to shoot for once a week at least! Talk to you later doob.