Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 2 Homework (Can I sleep now?)


Edit (now that I'm conscious): This is painted w/ using a grayscale 3D render from How to Train Your Dragon.  The assignment was to create a believable sense of color and light, and use both a cool & warm light source.


  1. Take the figure out of the bottom right and I would say this is a pretty solid piece.

    What I would suggest (if you keep the character in the bottom right) is to flesh out the anatomy a little more. At the moment it just looks kinda wonky, even though I like the 'tude' from the tilt of the head.
    You definitely have a knack for environments. Keep rollin' through, I'm loving this newer stuff out of you, big steps up!

  2. Thanks man! Sorry I didn't see you commented on this before. It's from How to Train Your Dragon (I think I didn't mention that when I first uploaded, which is probably when you commented), so that's Hiccup in the foreground. So from the render I was working from, it's all stylized. This particular assignment was about the light, color, and atmosphere, and I think taking out the character would kill a lot of the scale and atmosphere in there.

    Hope you're well buddy.