Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A thumbnail kind of day.

This week is thumbnail week over at the art camp.  200 in a week?  No prob.  Though moving might get in the way >.<;  Also below is a quick sketch while I was listening to/watching this week's demo.

My thumbs are infinitely better than they used to be, hooooly shit.  Some with line, some brought out of abstraction.  There's some cool stuff going on, and plenty more thumbnails to go!


1 comment:

  1. OH WOW! Even your thumbs are awesome...

    I think I give up. (j/k)

    But seriously: You sir are improving by leaps and bounds. I kind of think you should keep sketching on that... On a different note, I'm kind of interested in some of your thumbs and might try grabbing one sometime and seeing where I could go with it, maybe like an art trade or whatever.
    Most of your thumbs (in my opinion) are less about characters and more about environments. I would suggest to try and start flipping that dynamic once or twice and see if you can make the character a more dominant force in one or two.
    Really though, your thumbs are turning out pretty awesome. Keep it up!